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I Look For Real Swingers

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KatrinePM This guy and I were talking about participating in some swinger activities.

Name: Elisabet
Age: 37
Hair: Pink
Relation Type: Mwm Iso Older Mf For Nsa Fun
Seeking: I Am Searching Sexual Encounters
Relationship Status: Not married

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I want to go here and stay in a jacuzzi suite.

Who's coming with me??? Hedo is okay, but friends of mine who have been there say it is over rated. You can have plenty of fun if you find the right places locally. Just out of curiosity AlaskaPM Wow. I'd love to do that. - tumbex

I'm kind of in the mood for sex with women sawppernet includes my bf, and public sex with my bf lately. I looked into a couple swinger events in NYC when I was living in Jersey and he was visiting, but we never wound up going into the city much unfortunately. Seriously would be great. LuckiCharm Let's have a SW gathering at a swinger's place!

K and I used to go to a lot of swing parties, and theoretically, we are still swingers, but it was very rare for us to meet anyone we actually wanted to have sex with. Way too many swingers are obese happwned middle-aged and just not very sexy. True dat, Yek! Not all of them were model good looking, but I had a great time.

YekhefahAM No kidding, Whay, good for your party planners!


Where are these parties, if I may ask? The thing is, the things I go to unless it's a house happsnedgenerally have soooo many people, you're bound to find someone you like. When I say a lot of people I'd say the average age is in swapperner 30's. Plus, being a single female, very few people will turn me down if I want to play with them YekhefahAM That's terrific.

I'm glad you found that. We just need to get that to L. You'd think a town like L.

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Susan WaywardAM Kat, I don't know about swinging, but I'm looking for a chick who will do me and my guy, and I'll rent a room with a jacuzzi tub and everything. SironaAM Mike and I attend a local party that over all has some really good looking people there. Throw swappednet room service and I'm sold!

We dont indulge very often though. Mostly because of me Even if I'm not going Camp Springs sexy milf be doing anything with the chick I've taken one for the team a cpl times and decided it wasnt hwppened it Which means our playing got cut WAY back. And single girls that are interested in being the third in a threesome are so rare that in the lifestyle they are referred to as unicorns.

We met a cpl for dinner last night that I believe will fall into that category. We all 4 had so much in common it was amazing. Every time one of us said something, the others husband would roll his eyes and say "yep So we have high hopes for these people. The clubs and house parties we dont really do swapperney unless someone we know will be there. It's likely that otherwise all that will be there are old nasty people trying to feel you up or pretentious as people tend to be here in FL people bragging about their car or lastest vacation or blah blah that I'll roll my eyes at.

We have met most of the cool people we know on SDC.

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I'll Pm you our info there so you can write to them with a recommendation from a member. ExoticEngineerPM Woo! Come to Az! There's LOTS of sexy swingers here! Hubby and I have been swinging since we met, we play on www. Lots of pretty and nice! And there's lots of parties here, usually one a month. happfned

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I haven't done any of the swinger resorts yet, but I really want to! As far as resorts go Hedo is a 5 star and really worth PLUS who knows because when I was there it was the miss nude showgirl ant and there just happened to be guys from the Patriots and the Yankees KatrinePM I wish I had a cool boyfriend that was down for this kind of thing.

My ex wouldn't do it. He was cool with me fucking girls though, even if he wasn't around. The guy I went out with last night stated the same.

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Sirona Cameron No kididng right? The elusive Single Bi-Female. My guy and I never take one for the team. Fuck that shit. A swappernet. You can even look up information about swappernet. Don't write swappernet.

Same very simply to find! BoyJuly 1,pm I sell the p. Write on mine e-mail. Friends asked! I have a swappernet.

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I can sell. It jappened very necessary! KelvinJuly 21,pm To whom to sell the swappernet. Write on mine e-mail or call.