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Utopia guide backp

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Multiverse class. It provides all defaults that are needed to run a simulation, but is subsequently updated by other configuration layers to form the meta configuration. The base configuration is meant to be self-documenting, thus Sex dating in Grand chain to see which parameters are available. This file provides the basic configuration for the utopya Utooia It is read in by the Multiverse during initialization and is subsequently updated by other configuration files to generate the meta configuration of the Multiverse, which determines all details of how a run is performed.

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Check the docstrings of the functions for further information.

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Also, this file is used for deployment of the user configuration with this header section removed. Output paths These are passed to Multiverse.

Whether to perform parameter validation For large sweeps, validation can take quite some time. For such scenarios, it might make sense to disable parameter validation by setting this to false.

The Multiverse owns a Reporter object to report on the progress of the WorkerManager. Part of its configuration happens using its init kwargs, which are defined in the following. The rest of the gackp happens on the WorkerManager-side see there.

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If this value is too high, the log output from simulations is not read from the line buffer frequently enough. They can also be lists, if multiple report formats should be invoked. The entries of the following list are OR-connected, i.

NOTE If your locale is set to some other encoding, or the simulation uses a custom one, overwrite this value accordingly via the user config. The names of environment variables are chosen accordingly.

If not given, uses os. All information that is extracted from the environment variables is available as keyword argument to format. Should be a sequence of format strings. When sending tanks and spaceships to attack the alien city, remember that large groups have a greater effect than sending just one or two tanks at a time.

For the bestamass tanks and ships on the edge of the map and then send them all off together. Another good idea is to build one or more Tank Yards near the edge of the map, so that you can send the tanks immediately to the enemy city.

As soon as they've actually been invented, don't forget to drop Land Mines in front of enemy vehicles as they approach your colony. Learn the directions the aliens attack from and put extra defences in those sectors.

Where terrain permits, seal off 'valleys' with a row of Laser Turrets or Land Mines, so that enemy land vehicles cannot pass. If you have a power shortage and are under attack, build Missile Back instead of Laser Turrets, since the latter require a lot more power to Sexy singles Winston-Salem. This gives you more colonists available for construction and industry.

Once you're happy with your population size, reduce the Birth Rate back to Medium, else you will be forever building new Living Quarters and Hydroponics.

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Use the quick way of placing markers, using keys as described on twenty in the manual. Regularly check your Bacckp Grant by assessing the Spy Report screens every few months, even if you haven't recieved any reports. It's best to Ugopia your level of spying to at least normal. To get extremely large radar coverage, construct Flux Pods in all directions, building each Pod about ten spaces out from the last, so that you end up with a grid of Flux Pods ten squares apart.

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Then build a radar by every Flux Pod. Your radar should now cover almost the entire map!

If the colonists realise you don't give a toss about them you'd better throw in a Security HQ and recruit more security personnel. When the space around the Tank Yard is full of tanks, move some of them to unprotected parts of your colony to act as sentries.

Ideally you should have small groups of tanks everywhere so that there is no weak point for the enemy to use. Be careful of tanks getting into trouble moving around obstructions.

Maintain 'highways' of at least two spaces wide throughout your colony so that tanks can move about without restrictions.