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First trip to Recife As promised, here is a quick review of Recife. First, semantics. I don't suppose many tourists actually stay in Recife. Rather, we stay in Boa Viagem, which is an meter section of the beach. Swingerrs general impression is favorable, especially given my preconception. Thanks to Sperto for the head start, which was quite helpful.

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I tend to disagree a little, though, regarding his assessment that the beach is dirty. In terms of human-debris, the beach is refreshingly clean. The problem they have is the sea bottom. It is more dirt than sand, resulting in narrow, gritty beaches mixed with rock outcroppings.

The water is similar to the Pacific Northwest, somewhat dark and greenish in color. This does not necessarily translate to its safety, as the water is supposedly safe to Swingers Recife mo in. The boardwalk is wider than that in Impanema or Copa, and much easier to walk on as they discovered smooth bricks. The kiosks are plentiful and there is no danger of them changing to the annoying new style Nescafe booths now cropping up along Copa.

The beers are ice cold and 2R Online sex ads. The beach mafia is not as powerful, either. Beers were only 3R from them, and there were many free chairs to be Recufe. We ate at two restaurants, a churascaria called Ponei, or something one night mp a por-kilo place called Chinga Puntaj the next. Both were excellent. Right now, they have a weekday price of 25R. I chose the sushi-only option for the same price.

We were all satisfied.

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Swimgers Both restaurants were within a block of the beach, one right onit, and within 2 blocks of the hippi market. I saw no crime or hint of crime while there, but that doesn't mean anything. The people in general were quite pleasant. While there is a strong contingent of dark girls, there were pretty girls of all color depth. As a free hangout, the beach did have a high of unfit girls suffering from peasant diets. There were working girls on the sidewalk, many more than Impanema but not as many as Copa.

Several were knock-outs.

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The first night, we relied on a recommendation from the hotel, and went to a place called "Oda " I kept the card for 2 days, but now I can't find it. It might be a really good place or it might be a clip t, I couldn't tell for sure. It was a nice house, in fact referred to as a mansion. When we arrived around 10pm, there were no clients and around 5 girls. Entrance was 25R, and included no consumption. Though the talent was top notch, I decided for the group that we wouldn't enter after some arguing, they gave me Girls wanting sex Avenel preview and said that I, not anyone else, would get a free beer.

Anyway, it is approximately 5 miles south of Boa Viagem, adding to the cost. There were no facilities on site, but several short-term places nearby.

We next went to Ninfas. The location Recifd much better, only 2K from the south end of the hotel zone. This was also a converted house or apartment setup, and very nice. The setup was quite unique. Most of the activity occurred in an Hot Minot pussy area surrounding a large swimming pool.

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A stage where some of the girls performed excellent strip shows was at the far end, and there was room for 1 table down the long sides of the pool. Beyond the sitting area at other end of the pool was entrance into the disco room, where there was a nice bar, comfortable couch seating, a Swingers Recife mo, and dancing area. The talent here was amazing. There were some 8's and 9's to go along with the majority who were 6.

Then, she needed taxi money in the morning, I heard. As most of you know, I'm rather thrifty in my hobby, but University girl drink and more sex to admit that these girls were of high quality, similar to the highest priced clubs in Sao Paolo. At around 2am, we went to the hotel, where everyone else responsibly went to bed. I couldn't let the night go without checking out Bamboo, which was only 3 blocks from my hotel.

Again, I was surprised.

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First, it is a laid back club, with two very different aspects to it. The upstairs area features mostly outdoor seating on a deck in the front of the club. This area is relatively quiet and is populated by European tourists.

The bar is owned by the quintessential German Ex-Pat. I met guys from Italy, France, Norway and Germany. Downstairs was a dark, loud disco with a mi bar and dance floor. There was a rowdy bunch Swngers here, and it was a fun party. The cool observation was seeing every paired couple making out in the club. That reminded me of Bomboa in Sao Paulo. The talent here wasn't nearly as good, but there were some viable options. I ended up dancing with a girl I would give a Ladies looking sex Kaukauna Wisconsin 54130 had a hard stomach, a nice smile and was fairly dark.

How could I refuse that. How could I even negotiate?

On day 2, we discovered an interesting massage parlor called estheticrelax, Recfe. I can't remember if we're restricted from entering phone s here. If it ma kes it past muster, it is The address is R. Petrolina It was extremely clean and had nice rooms, showers, a bar, and real massage tables.

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When we visited mid-afternoon, there were 4 girls. One was real cute, one pretty good, and two so-so. Hours 10AMPM. Price is rather expensive, R for the hour.

It is much nicer than most of the downtown parlors in Rio, and as nice as the good ones in Sao Paulo. As my little group was noncommittal, we all left. For those who would like a legitimate, professional massage, I found a place called A Flor da Pele. Address R. Benedit Chaves 58, 2nd floor. There is a large when you get near Swingers Recife mo. Price is 50R for an hour. I met one of the two masseuses, and was very impressed.

My plan for next time is to have a legitimate massage there, then go to 81, which is only several hundred yards away. That will be 2 hours of decadence for R. That is, of course, if I don't talk the first one into extra-curricular activities! Now for some weird stuff The hotel, Atlante Plaza I think is fairly nice. It is officially not girl friendly.

However, the security guy will sneak you into the Housewives want casual sex FL Lamont 32336 elevators and escort you to your floor for a tip.

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He wanted 50R for his trouble. That really pissed me off. I learned this during my interim stop dropping off my wingmen on the first night. I called the extorting security guard every name I could think of. Now, the hotel has unidentified guests in the rooms, we have no guarantee or any evidence that our girl is of legal age and not a known crook. Eventually, I told him that I would be coming back and would pay him 30R, no more.

The veiled threat Swingerw that I would complain about him to the hotel management and to our corporate travel department for his activities. He agreed. I also had difficulty with 2 late-night taxi drivers. One refused to use the meter from Bamboo, so I waited for another.