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I'm gonna play some music from our our director sdult music. We'll see your home some crystal balls that he's playing and. Get another Cup of coffee and we'll start right at 10 o. These are singing bowls and we'll see her home invite you to settle into a worship full space.

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I'm gonna play some music from our our director of music. We'll see your home some crystal balls that he's playing and. Get another Cup of coffee and we'll start right at 10 o. These are singing bowls and we'll see her home invite you to settle into a worship full space. Qdult begin at 10 o.

Kelly stafford

Morning Welcome If you're just ing us, this is the music of our music director will chm playing Mids Bowls and we're going to begin in about five minutes right at 10 o 'clock. I'm glad you're here, go ahead and say and in Concord phone sex comment section so that we know you're. Good morning. If you're just ing us, we're gonna begin our service right at 10 o 'clock glad you're here.

We're listening to some meditation music from home our director of music who has put together this lovely recording swingsrss crystal balls.

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I'm really glad that you're here and if you wanna say hello in the comment section so that we know that you're ing us, we'll be glad to welcome you again. We're gonna start right around 10 o. Enjoy this meditation music. You could be enjoying this meditation music if I could figure out how to turn it back on welcome.

We're glad you're here. I'm just doing a few last minute Mark ups while we wait for it to be the top of the hour at 10 o 'clock, swingwrss going to begin with our service and in the swinferss, say hello in the comments to to each other, We're very glad that you are ing us today on this on this This morning worship. I I can see your name scrolling by and I'm so delighted and so tSafford that you are here even though I miss you terribly and Eric and I find this being away from you very painful so so settle in get another Cup of coffee if you like and and we'll begin in just about a minute now.

Listen to our meditation from home and then we'll. We're gonna begin in just a moment enjoy this musical meditation from our music director will chm playing the crystal balls. We're at the beginning in just a moment. Welcome good morning.

If you're swkngerss arriving, we're listening to the music of Weil Cedar home playing crystal balls, beautiful meditation music for us as we enter into. I invite you to. Both feet on the ground and enjoy the beautiful meditation music whoops.

I'm trying not to kick my tripod as we send her into this space. Good morning, Good Sexy lady seeking fucking orgy pussy and welcome to the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist congregations Sunday morning Worship service, Many thanks to will see our music director for recording that beautiful meditative music for us to use in our services.

I'm the reverence, Cecilia Kingman and along with our senior Minister of the Reverend Erick Kaminsky we serve as the Ministry team for the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist congregation who whoever you are. Whomever you love whatever your questions you are welcome here today, very glad that you're here if you wanna say hello in the comment section so that we know you're here be very glad to have that if you are new to our congregation and would like to know more about us, please let us know that you're new in the comments to this video even if you're watching the recording of this, maybe weeks from now we would love to hear from you.

So just let us know that you're new to us and some of them will react reach out to you very glad that you've ed us today so. Each time we gather as the Unitarian Universalist, we light a chalice A Cup with a flame in it as a symbol of our faith and today our chali lighting words are from the Buddhist teacher to not hanh. Take that hand writes in his book peace is every step the path of mindfulness in everyday life.

Peace is present right here and now in ourselves and in everything we do and see every breath we take every step we take can be filled with peace, joy and serenity. The question is not the question is whether or not we are in touch with it.

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Need only to be awake alive in the present moment. Now, It's good to be together. Each week in our congregation, we say some words of affirmation together, you will find these words in the comment section of this video if you are new to us and would like to read them with us, please me in these words of affirmation. Each other and so we come to this place to work and dance and laugh and cry and think we call ourselves a religious community, not because this place is in itself Holy ground, but because what we do here and say here and are here make it so it can be.

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Strange to say not because this place is in itself Holy ground when we're in so many different places and we remember that even when we say not because this place is swingersx itself, holy ground. All ground is on the ground and it's good and wise for us to remember that.

For our time for all ages Today, I'm gonna visit SStafford old friend of mine, a friend from Portland. I'm the last time for all ages. I visited a friend from Portland Lynn Unger.

I'm excuse me, Lynn Bacon, but this time I'm visiting an old friend. I am gonna be visiting with Ramona the past This morning, Ramona, a an old friend of mine and maybe yours too. Ramona stories are. Set in Portland in a neighborhood that my own mom grew up in and they're on a Street and I wanna read to you just a little bit of Ramona's experience on our first day of kindergarten and perhaps this will sound familiar to some of you.

I've always loved this story about Ramona. I've always like Ramona is just the spies Fett most curious.

Brave spirit that Find girlfriend Bowmanstown Pennsylvania could ever meet and I I just I that's why we all mss her so much right so I. This is this is Ramona the past Ramona they call her big sister calls hermon in the past, but her name is Ramona Quimby and that's her her real name and this is about when she and her friend Howie go off to the first day very first day of kindergarten.

So maybe you might remember your very first day of going to school and remember what that felt like everything was so strange and there was so much to. See the little tables and chairs the row of cupboards each with a different picture on the door, Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Colorado Springs Colorado place stove and the wooden blocks big enough to stand on the teacher who was new to Glenwood school turned out to be so young and pretty that she could not have been a grown up very long.

It was rumored that she had never taught school before Hello. My name is miss Bennie, she said. Speaking each syllable distinctly as she pinned Ramona's name to her dress. I am so glad. Come to kindergarten, then she took Ramona by the Golden city MO housewives personals and led her to one of the little tables and chairs sit here for the present, she said with a smile, a present that Ramona and knew at once she was going to like Miss Binnie goodbye, Ramona said her mother be a good girl and she watched her mother walked out the door.

Ramona decided that school was going to be even better than she had hoped. Nobody had told her she was. I got a present the very first day. She wondered trying Mature adult swingerss Stafford i miss you remember if her big Stafrord be had ever been given a present Mafure her teacher, Ramona listened carefully while Miss Benning showed Howie to a table, but all the teacher said was Howie.

And listened as the other boys and aduly arrived, but miss Bennie did not tell anyone else he was Matuure to get a President if he or she sat in a certain chair. Ramona wondered if her present would be wrapped in fancy paper and tied with a ribbon like a birthday present, she hopes so. Good morning goes on the teacher teaches the Ramona gets to know the other children in the classroom a little bit the ever famous Susan with the Boing Boing curls and Davie, who Ramona instantly takes a liking to and how he starts to tell the other kids that Ramona is gonna get a present from mom tells how he tells the other.

The other kids get kind of grumpy and mad about it. Ramona wondered how long she would have to sit there to get the present If only miss.

Understood how hard waiting was for her and the last child had been welcomed and the last tearful mother had departed. Miss Bennie give a little talk about the rules of the kindergarten and showed the world that led to the bathroom next, she ased each person. Miss Vinny explained that their hooks in the classroom in the Cloak room were marked with the same. And then she asked the class to follow her quietly into the cloak room to find their hooks difficult.

The waiting Hot woman wants casual sex Kingston-upon-Hull for her Ramona did not budge Miss Bennie had told her had not told her swingetss get up and go to the Cloak room for her present. She had told her to sit for the present and Ramona was going to sit until she got it.

She would sit as if she were glued to the chair how we scale that Ramona as he returned from the Cloak room and said misss another boy, the teacher is gonna give.

A present not the boy wanted to know why I don't know, swjngerss Ramona. She told me that if I sat here, I would get a present. I guess she likes me best.

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By the time. Miss Bennie returned from the cloakroom word had Women looking sex tonight Westpoint Indiana around the classroom that Ramona was going to get a present Next. Miss Vinny taught the class the words of a puzzling song about the Dazs Leela, which Iona did not under.

Because she did not know what a dancer was, Oh say, Can you see by the Dawn's Liang Miss Penny and Ramona decided that a dancer was another word for a lamp when miss Bunny Benny had gone over the song several times, she asked the class to stand and sing it with her Ramona did not budge. Neither did Howie and some of the others and Ramona knew that they were hoping for a present too copycats she.

Stand up straight like Good Americans, said Miss Bennie so firmly that how we and the others reluctantly stood up.

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Ramona decided that she would have to be a good American sitting down. Hou Ask Miss Bennie aren't you going to stand with the rest of us? Ramona thought quickly, maybe the question was some kind of a task like in a fairy tale. Maybe miss Bennie was testing her to see if she could get her.

Kelly stafford

A receipt if she failed the test, she would not get the present. I can't set Ramona Miss Penny looked puzzled, but she did not insist that Ramona stand while she led the class through the dass Orson Ramona sang along with the others and hopes that her present came next But when the song ended, Miss Penny made no mention of the present. Instead, she picked up a book. Ramona decided that it last the time had come to learn to read this.

Re the book It's Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Ramona asks an embarrassing question afterwards about where my and where my Mullan went to the bathroom when he was using a steam shovel and that sets off a whole carle of silliness in the class. This is not so excited about this question finally says. Well, I don't really know Ramona. The book doesn't tell us all the other. Say they wanna know too it just by the time it's over by the time story time is over.

Bennie is not so sure about Ramona, the teacher looked embarrassed as if she had disappointed her kindergarten without knowing the Casual Dating Parishville NewYork 13672 to where Mike Mulligan went to the bathroom. Miss Bennie recovered quickly close the book and told the class that if they would walk quietly out to the playground, she would teach them a-game called Grey Duck Ramona.

Did not budge, She watched the rest of the class leaves the room and admired Susan's Boingo curls as they bounced about her shoulders, but Ramona did not stir from her seat only Miss Bennie could unstick the imaginary glue that held her there. Don't you want to learn to play Gray Duck.