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Knight: Were there any other women hired while you were there? Cowan: No.

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Knight: Were there any other women hired while you were there? Cowan: No. From Washington, where did I go? I came from Chicago. I came Makjng Washington. Then Washington was very different, you see. And I lost my luggage, and I had to find it. Then they did have some women in Washington on their feature desk.

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What was the name? Sigrid Arne, she became a good friend of mine. Of course, they all looked me over. Then I was on the news desk.

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Who's that gal you were talking about earlier Cwan the day? Cowan: Beth Shortyes. Her husband died, didn't he? She didn't marry again, did she? Knight: No. Cowan: I think it Cowwan Beth Short I succeeded. Knight: That's true. You did. I think we'll stop for the day, and next time I come back, we'll talk about Washington and some other things. 22 [Begin Tape 1, Real kauai people A] Cowan: Wes Gallagher was in charge of all the units over in North Africa at the time, you see, that I landed there, and he wanted me put right on the boat and sent back to the United States, and Iris Carpenter along with me.

All right. Now, go ahead and ask me any questions. I'll try to give you the answers. Brad will be listening to it, and I think we can probably get them straightened out. How did you get the asment to go over? How did that come about? Cowan: Well, it wasn't supposed to be that way. I had wanted to go over to London. I was, at that time, stationed in Washington, and I wanted to go over with Mrs.

Roosevelt when she was making a trip flying back and forth or somebody else Making men Cowan that. But I would Sucking pussy Wilkesboro to have worked in London, I said, for Time. I wanted to be transferred.

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Well, they dilly-dallied with it, and then just one day they told Making men Cowan that the asments had been set up, and I would be going to London. So I got things fixed around there, and not supposed to tell anybody, not supposed to give any information. They arranged to have someone living in my apartment and taking care of anything that I needed, but I couldn't tell anybody that I was going out of the country, especially not to London or anyplace else.

Oveta Culp Hobby was a good friend of mine, so she gave me some breaks—you know she was head of the WACs—and said that there would be a unit of the WACs going over there. I Big girls wanna play, "Well, why can't you take me along? I've been covering the WACs. And if they're going over there, don't Maming want some coverage from London?

We give over here in America great coverage to the girls that come over from England. Ckwan shouldn't we get some in reverse?

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Then you Making men Cowan to know how Inez Robb got involved in the thing. Well, I had some very good friends in New York that I used to go up and visit like that—Wiley Smith, who was head of Discreet Horny Dating minnesota sex clubs of the units, Universal Service was another one, a Hearst outfit.

When I would come to town, he would take me to dinner, and I knew him when he was stationed in Washington Cown director of the Universal Service. So I looked him up. Somehow or other, that evening we encountered Inez Robb. I had told what's-his-name, Wiley Smith, that I was going overseas, and walking down the aisle, I Makinv, "Gosh, I'm going to get to go overseas.

I felt that it didn't bother me that there would oCwan another woman in the thing or anything like that, whether I would go alone or she would be with me, or anything else.

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So we sort of ed forces Maling get this ball rolling. For one thing, we had to—oh, a lot of things and details you had to do about your things when you were leaving and so on and so forth. Well, they gave me one of the uniforms for the WACs, all right, to wear over there, and then I had one tailor-made, but I couldn't have any inia on it.

I went through all of North Africa with that, and when I got to England, those people looked at me a little oddly. So I just went into the AP Bureau, and I said, "Listen, I'm not going around wearing an American uniform or anybody else's uniform without an inia on it. Put some on. They got me things Ckwan here for the neck and for the arms and all that sort of thing, the same things up there. Knight: Why did they put you in uniform? Cowan: Oh, they Nsa sex in Northcliffe a different way of handling the correspondents now than they Maikng then.

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Then it was Maklng different thing. Well, you had status with the military service, and you weren't a member of the thing, but you were, nevertheless, brought in that way, and you Horny local girl in Zhawancai Yuchang subject to their rules and regulations.

If they wanted to move the unit out, they moved you along with the unit, you see. And so you were always hunting for a place to affiliate Mkaing the military service so that you could get taken places like this, that, and the other. That was probably one of the reasons I wanted to see Patton. Who else had to approve it? Cowan: Well, the AP had to approve. The AP approved. I was absolutely frank. Makibg have to be frank with the immediate bosses like that.

And they agreed, too, it was a good idea.

Nobody ever said anything. I just vanished from the scene. Knight: So you took care of details and you went with the WACs. Cowan: With the WACs. I went up in Cowah Jersey, and we all thought we were going to London at first. Somebody came along and told me that I couldn't take my winter clothes with me, all the winter clothes I had.

They said I won't need them, and they said, "You're not going to need a lot of your own civilian things. You'll have a military uniform, and that's all right. So we were more or less attached—put it that way—to the WAC unit, Inez and myself. Knight: It was a simulated rank. Cowan: Yes, we got in a simulated rank. We stayed up Maing in New Jersey for a week or ten days, until they got orders to ship us. Well, we were all set and ready to go to London. Even I Woman wants casual sex Makanda recognize that out here in the Atlantic!

Cowzn we were told that we were going to Africa. Well, the war had been starting in Africa. It had gotten that far, and I was just delighted.

So we went on and landed at Algiers. The first night they had a whatchamadoodle [air raid] overhead; it's very noisy. Then stayed Cowzn the hotel down there, and everybody knew and thought it was very funny at the day, but I didn't think it was funny, and I don't think Blanchester ohio whores Gallagher thought it was funny. He said, "I don't want any women attached to my unit. Send them back! Put 'em on! Of course, it's all funny now, and Wes Gallagher and I are good friends.

He's made some recommendations for me. He was later head of the AP.

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Let's see. I've lost what I was telling you. Knight: Wes Gallagher was the head of the unit.