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Late night Chesapeake fun

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Late night Chesapeake fun

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It happened way back in the summer ofin the first year the show was on the air. Mike details what that first appearance was like on the video podcast of the Doctor Madblood 4th Anniversary Special.

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It happened way back in the summer ofin the first year the show was on the air. Mike details what that first appearance was like on the video podcast of the Doctor Madblood 4th Anniversary Special. Mike has always brought a special dignity and madness to our beloved vampire, and the Chesapeaek has been a main character on the show from the beginning, sharing a host of adventures, from the wild canoe ride in The Coffin Caper in season five, to the near fatal mishaps in Down For the Count this past season.

Our Halloween special, Doctor Madblood? This was taken at a Haunted Hayride a few Halloweens back, and shows a couple of old pals, still enjoying the game.


On October 14,Chesapeake Chfsapeake Library hosted MonsterFest, where there was an amazing gathering of local horror hosts. If you saw the show on November 11, Latd saw some of the highlights. Now check out two living legends of horror at the Count's excellent Creature Feature website! Madblood interviews Count Gore DeVol! Turnabout is fair play as Doctor Madblood takes his turn at interviewing the legendary Washington, D. Click the icon screen below to see the Flash Video version right here or go download the iPod video version over on the Stuff !

It was decided to make this an Audio Shadow adventure, with Doctor Madblood playing a minor role. Still available on the Stuff !

Also available on the Stuff : "The Halloween Goblin" - Originally produced for radio in by morning drive announcer Jim Stanley, top on-air personality at WNOR in Norfolk, Virginia, Doctor Madblood was transformed into aural theater with every bit of the visual humor intact. Special introduction by Doctor Madblood. The Madblood Film Festival was showing Disney's epic " Leagues Under the Sea" and so Craig came dressed appropriately as always, introducing himself to the audience as "Lamebeard the Pirate.

Then the spark for the "Pirate Grrrls" story came the following weekend, during my visit to a favorite old haunt, Teach's Hole, the pirate museum and gift shop just down the road from Howard's Pub on Ocracoke Island. The gang had so much fun last year with our tale "Pirate Envy" that I got to work on a new adventure.

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fjn Several members of the cast and crew, including Carter Perry and Ken Johnson, are pirate trekkies, so I felt we'd have no problems with costumes and props. Casting was easy. I knew our friend Shellee Casiello would be the perfect Pirate Queen. And tasking the pretty young actresses Lori Chesa;eake, Joy Riach, and Lauren Sundarajan who play our student witches to dress up like pirates provided some great too, as you can see.

All that remained was to have lovely Jewell Willis become Sybil to once again save the day, with some expert swordplay by Carter Perry as Ernie K. On the evening we taped the episode, Craig T. Shellee's son Jonathan kindly let his mom bring along some of his Pirates of the Caribbean costume, Ken Johnson offered up stuff from his own stash, and we were off.

A small side note: while doing research for this episode, I came across Free fuck chat in indian recent album of pirate music called Rogue's Gallery that was assembled by Johnny Depp, who enlisted his friends Sting, Bono, Nick Cave and others to sing pirate ball and sea chanteys.

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You can find it on iTunes. The final spark for this episode was struck during Monster Fest, when I met Brian and Marie Bridgeforth, two amazing young artists who had a booth at the show. In a set of Brian's drawings "Bridgeforth's Monsters," I found several pirate images that fit perfectly with what we were doing. Check out his remarkable work at www. The post-production on this episode was a bit daunting, putting my little Powerbook into overdrive.

CGI effects by Daniel C.

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Download the full size poster of Pirate Grrrrls Award of the State! Adams, was presented with the highest honor given by the American Lung Association of Virginia. Adams received the Douglas Southall Freeman Award, bestowed annually to a person deemed "to have made extraordinary contributions to the cure and control of lung disease within Virginia.

Adams and his Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets have toured the program for eleven years.

The program and Chesaleake presentation got some nice coverage on Richmond Channel 12's News and there will be a story coming soon in Style Weekly Magazine. And for those who cannot pick up a copy of Style Weekly Magazine. And be sure to check out this PilotOnline.

She gave her prepared speech well, and showed home movies. She talked about how she went her first convention years ago.

She thought they were playing poker! They also featured some of the animals her parents hadā€”dogs as many as 22! She did agree to a photo, though. It was a lovely and enjoyable evening. She gets e-mails every day and re them all!

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I want one! Into the Fog!

Just in time for counting down the days until Doctor Madblood's 30th Anniversary Celebration on October 29th at 8 p. A new addition to the Mac OS in Mac users with OSX Apparently some non-Safari browsers make you have to manually move the unzipped widget into your Widgets folder. Thanks to Apple for turning us on! Regular visitors to this extraordinary website know we run a contest.

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We ask trivia questions about the show, and hope that people will send in their answers. From those who fuj in answers, we pick a winner or winners, if we Cheaapeake more than one prize from the correct answers. We ask that people send their names, snail mail addresses if we're mailing out the prizeand that contestants be over the age of Nobody loves me does any body love u a fine point, but we don't want to get in trouble the way Soupy Sales did years ago or didn't -- look it up on Snopes.

So we have asked people to send in their ages, and more recently, we just asked that they swear, affirm and aver that they are over the age of Sometimes we get the best and most creative answers to this question. We're Latd identifying who goes with which quote, because some requested their ages not be published, and almost all were reticent: Age: why must you insist on this cruelty Long time viewer-started at 44 years young.

I'm very well preserved for my advanced years. But 29 works so well I've used it a long time. Even the grandkids are snookered My age: 45 just got in under the wire on that one! Age - Geriatric or is it Jurassic?

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House has nifht declared an historic site I'm very well preserved for my advanced years. LOL I'm too old 44 I am Sexy hot girls searching over 50s dating over 12 Still well over 12 years of ancient Age - still old When we felt the need to verify nught winner's age, we got this response: lol yes im way over 12 im 38 And he gave us a date. He just types the way the kids do, I guess! And then we get into the esoteric: Age: I've seen my Chinese Zodiac 3 times And some with information about their lives: 35 year old Cheswpeake with nothing better to do than watch classic sci-fi and horror at local theaters and libraries not that there's nigh wrong with that.

Nothing at all! Using other people to verify what you say: Both my kids are over And the most exhaustive word comes from a frequent contributor to the contest who says: I swear, affirm, assure, admit, guarantee, confirm, maintain, attest, profess, contend, declare, testify, verify, substantiate, vouch, avow, and verily aver I am greater than 12 years of age and will remain so for the rest of my life. Count Gore De Vol.

Dyszel was arriving to take part in a Solar Guard screening and noticed my Madblood T-shirt. Burrell saw his name on his ID tag and the rest was history. It was nigt spending 45 minutes catching up with an old friend. This photo was snapped right after Count Space Ranger bit Debra on the neck.

She hasn't been nitht the same since Bill Davidson, our staunch one cameraman, attended and captured some shots of the excitement: "Dr. Madblood in person.