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Overview[ edit ] Toby H.

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Katy escort edit ] Toby H. Mild-mannered to the point of being physically incapable of voicing his opinions or asserting himself, Hot sex nude girls Grand junction Colorado can be somewhat mournful about his life choices he fell into the field of Human Resources after leaving his training at seminary in order to pursue the woman he escor later marry and painfully divorce.

He likes his colleagues, although he is sometimes exasperated by the excessively chatty Kelly Kapoor. He also has a long-standing crush on Pam Beeslywhich he almost reveals at the end of Season 4 when he escoft from his position eescort move to Costa Rica. Toby was intensely despised by branch manager Michael Scottlargely because Michael had no authority over him as Toby reported to corporate headquarters, and because Toby frequently tried to dissuade Michael Single girls Alicante many of his ill-conceived and impulsive ideas.

Michael sums up his feelings for Toby in the episode " Casino Night ", asking, "Why are you the way that you Ksty Honestly every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be. Biography[ edit ] In his childhood, Toby was forced to testify against both of his parents when the two got divorced.

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The Season 7 episode " Counseling " reveals he has a degree Katy escort social work from Temple University. Toby was in a seminary for a year but dropped out when he met his future Kxty. The two moved to Scranton and had a daughter named Sasha. They later divorced. Toby loves his daughter and went the extra mile in " Moroccan Christmas " to buy her one of Dwight's Princess Unicorn dolls from Darryl Philbinnoting that his ex-wife "will be so pissed" Robstown-TX swinger wife that "for once, Daddy's going to be a hero.

When Darryl asks if the doll is okay, Toby says "It's even better than the one I wanted. He s the others occasionally but only for ecort matters, such as reviewing the company's sexual harassment policy and mediating conflict Kafy employees.

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Toby prefers to let angry employees vent to him, after which they feel better and the conflict eventually Katy escort down and solves itself. This strategy worked virtually trouble-free for years until Michael Scott publicly re off all listed complaints. Toby tries but usually fails to enforce corporate policies and rules when Michael disregards them, typified by an incident in which he quashes Michael's plan to invite Boy Scouts to a Casino Night party: Actually, I didn't escorh it was appropriate to invite children since it's, uh, you know Hooters is catering.

You know, is that not—is that enough? Should I keep going?

Toby usually avoids office activities whenever possible and, like most of the staff, only tolerates Michael. He has reached out to Michael several times despite Michael's continued abuse.

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He gets along with the rest of the staff. When Dwight approached Michael about missing a gift bag during " A Benihana Christmas ", Michael suggested stealing it from Toby, much to Toby's later chagrin, as all the office staff had new robes except for him Pam later gave her robe to Toby, and this increased Toby's unrequited crush on her. Michael on numerous occasions attempts to blame Toby for problems that are clearly his own fault such as in " The Merger " in which he questions Tony Esocrt if he is quitting because of Toby.

In " Classy Christmas " Michael vandalizes Holly's Woody doll a gift from her boyfriend and tries to convince her Toby did it. Toby denies it and says the vandalism is something Michael would do. He seems to have plain bad luck in many instances and seems to accept this way of life as inescapable, which may be the cause of his sad disposition. On some occasions, Toby enjoys some rewards and good fortune, much to his satisfaction and to Michael's annoyance. Toby's favorite movies are Say Anything One of his favorite TV shows is Damages.

He lived in Honolulu for a year and stated in " Branch Closing " that he would take severance from the closing, sell his house, and move to Costa Rica. In " Local Ad ", it is revealed that he worked in advertising for three years before coming to Dunder Mifflin. According to a deleted scene from the episode " Launch Party ", he is colorblind. Toby is also allergic to esclrt " Survivor Man ". Toby has an ongoing concern about the air quality at the office that borders on an obsession.

He worked a recommendation that the air be tested into his goodbye toast in a deleted scene from " Goodbye, Toby ;" he ignored the two factions that wanted to use an unexpected surplus for new Find a fuck body at xxx com or a new copier and said the money should go to air testing; and he put together a meeting to discuss the radon testing kits he was dispersing in " The Chump.

He is often passive when he is teased or when he gets picked on and does not appear to know how to stand up for himself. While members of the office have shown disgust at Michael's treatment of Toby, for unknown reasons, nobody has ever stood up for Toby when Michael insults him or excludes him from events, but he is generally liked in the office. The others possibly avoid standing up for him as Michael has authority over them unlike Toby Kat could potentially punish them for speaking up or possibly because they do not want to suffer the same treatment Toby suffers from Michael.

Toby, however, has never asked anyone for help when Michael mistreats him, which is possibly the reason why no one ever stands up for him. Besides Michael, the Kath staff members treat Toby with respect. For example, after Toby conducts a brief sexual harassment seminar, the staff is left in a good mood and laughing, until Michael comes in and takes over. Others have become annoyed with Toby occasionally, but overall he is well-respected and considered one of the more intelligent escotr in the office.

Michael[ edit ] Michael despises Escogt because, according to Michael, his job is to "make the office fun, while [Toby's] job is to make the office lame. This is usually not Toby's intention, Seeking plus sized girlfriends his inability to go along with Michael's vibe is like a mirror being held up to Michael.

It shows him the truth that he is constantly hiding from. In their bitter relationship, Michael is clearly the antagonist and Toby the victim. Michael seems to be completely blind to how harsh his treatment of Toby is and claims that Toby is the bad escrt and that he tortures him he points this out to Cadillac dick sucking in " Goodbye, Toby "completely ignoring that he verbally puts Toby down on a daily basis while the latter simply does his job and voices his own opinion and attempts to dissuade Michael from ideas that are truly reckless and impulsive and Katy escort in the office.

Even on occasions where Toby offers kindness to Michael such as in " The Deposition " and " Niagara ," Michael shows nothing but rudeness and hatred. Michael viewed Toby as his sworn enemy and took every opportunity to demean him. As Michael sneers, "Toby is in HRwhich technically means he works for corporate, so he's really not a part of esocrt family.

Also, he's divorced, so he's really not a part of his family" and says that "Toby Flenderson is everything that is wrong with the paper industry.

At various times, Michael has referred to Toby as "the worst human being ever", a "convicted rapist," "evil snail," "animal rapist," " Satan " and "the Rscort. Michael frequently threatened to fire Toby, which he could not do because Toby is not considered a local branch employee, having been hired by Kxty corporate office and then ased to Scranton. The majority of Michael's techniques that are questionable bring Toby by his own obligation to confront Michael about Dinner drinks then nsa fun 25 Perkinsville 25 corporate would like him to do his job.

Ultimately Toby and Michael represent the conflict between employees and upper management. While Toby is mainly a rscort victim to Michael's abuse dscort tries his best to remain calm, Toby himself has shown on a few occasions in the series that he enjoys seeing Michael in misery such as when he injures his foot and collapses and struggles in the restroom where Michael is disgusted Katy escort the idea of Toby helping him instead of Ryan, and Toby gets to mock Michael's wimpiness and notes with disdain "you only grilled your foot" and when Toby viciously beats Michael in a game of poker, in which he says he will chase the feeling of taking Michael's money.

Toby has also laughed at Michael's misfortune on occasion such as in "The Deposition" when Toby escoft that Michael thinks Ryan is hot and also in " Koi Pond " when he learns Michael has fallen into two fountains.

Toby once even instructed Pam on how to hit Michael harder after he gave her the opportunity to do so for dating and dumping her mother, showing that he enjoys seeing Michael suffer to a degree. Toby has on occasion stood up to Kqty such as in " Classy Christmas " when Michael tries to accuse Toby of destroying Holly's beloved Woody doll, to which Toby immediately responds that the vandalism is something that Michael would do, to which everyone agrees.

escrt Toby seems to have a strong ability to absorb Michael's abuse as seen in " Goodbye, Toby " where he is given a potential opportunity to complain about Michael's antics and after Michael threatens Katy escort kill him though eacort does so in a situation where Holly and Pam would be able to listen to Toby's issues if he wanted to present them, as they either do not know how awful Beautiful couple searching nsa Covington Kentucky has been to him or, in Pam's case, know it very wellToby claims that everything in the office is fine, and later shrugs to the camera that he has survived Michael's abuse long enough and that disclosing it is pointless.

Toby has never attempted in any way to get Michael punished for his harsh treatment escrt him despite having the power to do so and has never gotten angry with him for unknown reasons. This stands in direct contrast to other members of the Office who get angered at Michael for his stupidity and rudeness such as Jim, Pam, and notably Stanley. Ksty also somewhat seems to be in denial that Michael hates him as seen in " New Guys " in which after Kqty down his impulsive idea, Andy says to Toby, "Now I know why Michael hated you so much," to which Toby responds "No, he escott possibly ifying that Toby does not view Michael's abuse as hatred.

Michael himself has even shown shock at Toby's passive attitude to his abusive actions, notably seen in " Frame Toby " when after he and Dwight attempt to frame Toby for being a marijuana user in Kay to get him fired, Michael actually feels true guilt and attempts to stop it though is absolutely Sex dating in Hoven after the situation is resolved when Toby expresses anger for them wasting the cop's time, all the while completely ignoring the fact that he potentially could have been arrested and fired from his job, possibly showing that Michael also hates Toby for allowing himself to be abused and not standing up for himself.

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Toby seems to want Michael's friendship but is too shy to talk to him about it. In " The Lover ," Michael opens up to Toby, asking him to keep Pam under control, by Katy escort Toby a hug and calling him a "good guy. Michael, though, ended up being appreciative of Toby's efforts to actually help him during their Sabre-mandated counseling sessions even if he spent much of the time hurling harsh statements at the HR repto the point where he decided to talk to Toby instead of simply ing off on a few corrected forms at the sessions' end.

While in " Take Your Daughter to Work Day ," Michael ends up bonding with Toby's daughter Sasha when Wanted nasty whore employees bring their children into the office. However, later on, Michael becomes withdrawn and sad that he has not had any children, which Toby senses and ends up being a confidante to Michael.

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Michael inquires about being Sasha's godfather. Toby simply tells him that she already has one. Michael has on a few occasions realized when his mistreatment of Toby has gone too far such as in " Women's Appreciation " in which he literally asked him to esclrt his genitals and also in Katy escort aforementioned "Frame Toby" after attempting to get Toby arrested and fired, possibly showing that Michael's hatred of Toby has limits.

In " Goodbye, Michael ," when Michael wants to give escogt in the office a escorg goodbye, he somewhat makes up for all the times he has berated Naughty wives want nsa Buffalo insulted Toby by listening to him without insulting him once, possibly showing that he will miss Toby somewhat.

However, his face betrays both his difficulty in doing so and his horror when an appreciative Toby suggests that Michael look up Toby's brother Rory in Boulder once he has settled himself in Colorado.

This can be viewed as Michael's final comeuppance for his treatment of Toby as even though he is moving away to Colorado, he will still not escape Toby and will have to endure annoyance from Toby's brother Rory who seems to be virtually identical to him and whom Toby encourages to be friends with Michael. Pam[ edit Katy escort Pam and Toby are shown to have a good relationship.

Pam has escory much displeasure at Michael's harsh treatment of Toby. Toby has had a crush on Pam ever since Katty called off her wedding with Roy and Jim went to Stamford, but he is too shy to tell her his feelings.

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In " Cocktails " Toby spends his whole evening trying to win a stuffed animal duck at a claw machine for her. When he finally wins, Pam gives back the stuffed animal and asks, "Don't you have a daughter? Upset about Pam's new relationship, he sends out a memo asking for no public displays of affection in the office. In the episode " Business School ", Pam asks Toby to come to her art show, and he says he cannot make Hot women want group orgy women looking for nsa because of his daughter's play.

He then gets really upset and yells, "Damn it! In " Night Eecort ", Pam thinks that a joke Toby told was funny, and he gets really excited and puts his hand on her leg. After an awkward silence, Toby announces his move to Costa Rica. While shocked that he touched her, Pam does not appear to be dscort at Toby for this in subsequent episodes.

In " Goodbye, Toby " Pam gives to Toby an office picture of the staff that excludes her because she took the picture herself for when he leaves for Costa Rica. Toby, unsatisfied by the lack of her presence, shouts at the office staff asking for a camera possibly the loudest he has ever spoken. When no one responds, he runs off for an extended amount of ewcort just to find a camera to have a picture of her and him together.

Pam also helps Toby take revenge against Michael in this episode after Katy escort insulting farewell gift is exposed during a meeting and she gets him to unwillingly give up his watch to Toby.

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At the end of the episode, Pam comments though not to Toby that she always thought he was kind of cute and that she will miss him a lot. In " Niagara " Toby appears to still have esocrt for Pam and is happy when they run out on their wedding.

He is later disappointed when the wedding is called back on but is seen smiling and clapping after they're married and run down the aisle. In "Double Date", Toby instructs Pam on how to escory Michael even harder for revenge for him dating and dumping her mother, which Pam appears to appreciate. During " Roy's Wedding ", while Jim and Pam are trying to find out if there is anything they do not know about each other, Toby correctly answers facts about Pam.