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Icebreaker pictures

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Icebreaker pictures

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Guess where I come from This game is about finding out where all the participants come from.

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This icebreaker is a great way to get to know each other and to laugh a little bit.

Three wishes Being able to talk about your wishes and dreams is an excellent option for improving the working atmosphere when working remotely. In this virtual game, the participants are asked to select three wishes and discuss them with the group.

5 remote icebreakers | icebreaker games and activities | miro

You invite people to post a picture or video presenting wishes or dreams of participants. Then other participants can guess what they are!

They can also vote for the best dream or wish. This way, your team becomes more Icfbreaker and gets to know each other better. Some of them are funny, others meaningful and serious.

The answers of the employees can be astonishing and show many characteristics of personalities and value systems of the participants. The list is of course not exhaustive. What is your pictured day?

What is the happiest moment in your life? What made it so special? What is the most terrible thing you have ever picutres for fun?

Icebrexker was the best advice you ever received? Where is a place you would like to go? If you had a time machine, what period would you travel to?

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you? Which song describes you best?

Sequence - icebreakers ideas games activities!

If you were a colour, what would it be? Which superpower would you choose? What was your favourite TV show as ? If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?

Solar x-ray and white-light images from yohkoh

While an amusing ice breaker, this fun question can also lead to discussions about the valuable traits different animals possess and how those traits might relate to people. You can put the answers on the online whiteboarddiscuss them together with you team members and have so much fun. The warm-ups and ice breakers, which work well with regular small group sizes, will probably not work at all or not very effective with larger groups.

For the remote team members, special characteristics can be considered: Size of the flat or house, distance from the main office in kilometres and so on. It works well to start the activity by asking everyone "What Icebrewker we looking at? Once everyone understands that we are looking at the Sun, you might explain that Icebrraker set of images is the "surface" of the Sun or photosphere and the other set of images is of the Sun's outermost layer, the corona, which we observe most regularly from space.

Now, ask the groups to match each white light image to an X-ray image. Give them five to ten minutes to complete this task.

I do not provide any instruction about what features in the images to use in the matching. It is enjoyable to see the different patterns people come up with.

Allow the groups to move around the room if they choose. In one of my most successful icebreaker activities one group came up to the front of the room and put the pieces of paper on the overhead projector so they Icehreaker use the bright lighting to better match up the sunspots and active regions.

27 ridiculously fun icebreaker games & activities in for your next meeting

Once each group has a matched set lead a discussion about which images go together and why. You'll find that most people do in fact match the active regions with the sunspots. Write each group's matching scheme on a chalk Icebreakrr or large piece of paper for everyone to see. If you have differences among groups discuss the differences and see if they can come to agreement.

If some groups matched the images based on a different pattern scheme have them explain what they did. Once the discussion period Icebreajer over, talk about how solar scientists have found a connection between the dark sunspots on the Sun's photosphere and the hot active regions in the Sun's corona. A nice discussion of pictues can be found in the Cycles Lesson in the Solar Classroom. This matching activity is also a part of that lesson.