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Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice, awaiting the return of her husband, Nicky Arnstein, from prison, reflects on their life together, and their story is told as a flashback. Act I[ edit ] Fanny is a stage-struck teen who gets her first job in vaudeville. Her mother and her friend Mrs.

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Intermission | funeral for the fun girls

She's not Jewish. You need someone ethnic for the part. She agreed gilr play Brice if she could handle the score. Merrick suggested Styne collaborate with Dorothy Fieldsbut the composer was not interested.

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Ufn went to Palm Beach, Floridafor a month and composed music he thought Bancroft would be able to sing. While he was there, he met Bob Merrill, and he played the five melodies he already had written for him. Merrill agreed to write lyrics for them; these included "Who Are You Now? She listened to the score, then stated, "I want no part of this.

It's not for me. Since they thought he was wrong for the role, Stark and Robbins approached Carol Burnettwho said, "I'd love to do it but what you Adult phone sex is a Jewish girl. Gigl was impressed and asked her to audition. Styne later recalled, "She looked awful All her clothes were out of thrift shops. I saw Fran Stark staring at her, obvious distaste on her face.

Funeral for the fun girls

Stark refused and Robbins quit the project. Then Merrick ed Bob Fosse to direct Funny Girl, and work began cun it again, until Fosse quit and the show went into limbo for several months. Then Merrick suggested Stark hire Garson Kanin. It was Merrick's last contribution to the production; shortly afterward he bowed out, and Stark became sole producer. Streisand already had recorded the song for a single release, and Merrill insisted, "It has 90640 hot girls 90640 be in the show because it's the greatest thing she's ever done.

Funny girl (musical) -

By the time the show opened in Bostonpeople were so familiar with "People" they applauded it during the overture. The critics praised Streisand but disliked the show. Act I[ edit ] Fanny is a stage-struck teen who gets her first job in vaudeville. Her mother and her friend Mrs.

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Strakosh try to dissuade her from show business because Fanny is not the typical Lookin for the freaks "If a Girl Isn't Pretty". But Fanny perseveres "I'm the Greatest Star" and is helped and encouraged by Eddie Ryan, a dancer she meets in grl vaudeville shows.

Once Fanny's career takes off, Eddie and Mrs. Fanny performs a supposedly romantic in the Follies, but she turns it into a classic comic routine, ending the as a pregnant bride "His Love Makes Me Beautiful". She meets the sophisticated and handsome Nick Arnstein, who accompanies Fanny to her mother's opening night party on "Henry Street".

Fanny is clearly falling in love with Nick, while acknowledging their complex vulnerabilities " People ". Later they meet in Baltimore and have a private dinner at a swanky restaurant and declare their feelings "You Are Woman". In the meantime, Mrs. Strakosh and Eddie suggest to Miss Brice that she should find a man to marry, now that her daughter is supporting her "Find Yourself a Man".

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Nick asks Ziegfeld to invest in a gambling casino, but although Ziegfeld passes, Fanny insists on investing. When the venture fails and they lose their money, Fanny tries to make light of it, which propels Nick to get involved in a shady bond deal, resulting in his arrest for embezzlement. In the present, Fanny is waiting for Nick to arrive and has time to reflect on her situation.

Nick arrives, newly released from prison, and he and Fanny decide to separate. Background[ edit ] Ray Stark had commissioned an authorized biography of Brice, virl on taped recollections she had dictated, but was unhappy with the result.

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Stark then turned to Ben Hecht to ma the screenplay for a biopicbut neither Hecht nor the ten writers who succeeded him were able to produce a version that satisfied Stark. Stark discussed the possibility with producer David Merrickwho suggested Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim compose the score. She's not Jewish. You need someone ethnic for the part. She agreed to play Brice if she could handle the score.