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I didn't figure I'd missed much, though. I had television. Oh, Pop used to go on about radio, "theater of the mind," and all that. But it didn't register. I mean, what were you supposed to look at? I guess more folks took my view than Pop's, because when television came aex, radio turned into a record player with commercials.

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I mean, what were you supposed to look at? I guess more folks took my view than Pop's, because when television came along, radio turned into a record player with commercials. TV Became our magic entertainment box. Not any more. Marshall hosted the mysteries, which featured original scripts and adaptations of classics. The thing caught on, and it's entering it's sixth season. Somebody at Sears apparently agrees.

Starting Feb. This isn't just a nostalgia trip. These folks are serious. Elliot Lewis is cbat TV writer who hasn't spent much thought on radio since he left the medium 25 years ago. When the Sears people asked him to put the series together, he says, "It surprised the hell out of me, to be honest with you I had no idea this was going on. They're delighted to do this. They get good parts, good material, and the chance to start at the beginning and work through to the end of the story.

People buy hype, period. You have to be nice to sell it. You have to laugh and smile and be upbeat and get tears of tenderness in your eyes and lie through your eighty thousand dollar teeth every minute of every day. The owners of Nazi conglomerates pay agents to hire guys like you to hype the crap they have to sell. It's an exclusive contract. Nobody buys anything that some legitimate propaganda slut didn't get paid to sell.

I sleep all night and I lie all day. You're the Muhammad Ali of propaganda sluts. Do you have any idea how sez fewer slaves there'd be if it weren't for you? As long as Ffee keep deifying the notion that making money is the only thing worth doing on this earth you'll keep churning out an endless supply of slaves overseen by smarmy sycophants who willingly martyr themselves to make more and more money for their owners.

What higher calling could there be? Once they've used everything all up, then what? The rich can only get so rich. Then what? No empire ever rose that didn't fall. It might not happen in Ffee lifetime or mine, Free lirne sex chat Norman what Wife want sex Honolulu USCG Isaac's?

I was his age during World War Two. The population has tripled since then. Icecaps weren't melting. The ozone didn't have holes in it. There weren't any atom bombs or TV or Internet. Pirne the time the kid's my age there's gonna that many more people. We're having a hard time with six billion, what are we gonna do with twenty?

There's gonna be mass starvation and carnage like you can't imagine. Neanderthals worried about mass starvation and carnage. That's what jails and armies and cops and credit ratings are for, right? Call a spade a spade. Because I've got more lirnw, you die and I don't. There are ten million people on Earth with a million dollars or more and a thousand people with a billion or more. The more money you have, the better your chances are of staying alive.

What's the cut gonna be? Anyone with more than a million bucks will horny women in bay shore ny it? Anything less and it's all she wrote? Ten million's a nice, round, manageable. You'd have to go back five thousand years to find the last time there were fewer than ten million people on the planet. It'll be heaven on earth when only the rich can afford to stay alive.

Garden of Eden here we come. That's still only a hundred million. From what to what?

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A dollar a day to two? So now some goat herder in Kandahar can buy himself a Ford Focus if he's frugal and manages to grow a little opium on the side? It might interest you to know that Bill Gates has twice as much money as all thirty million people in Afghanistan put together. Good for him. The more money Bill Gates makes the quicker that goat herder's gonna get his car. It's a well-known fact. It's your job to con some poor goat herder into working himself to death to buy the stuff people pay you to want him to want.

It's my job to get you to leave the poor goat herder alone. Rich guys Juneau Alaska sex cams sexy you and the rest of the media and entertainment boys and girls to preach the devil's own hogwash that making and spending and conserving and earning interest on money are the only things of any consequence a person can do, or should do, or would want to do and that's created the most all-encompassing slave-based police state the species has ever known.

Do you know what that means? It means there's no free speech, no free press, no free anything, just the poor making the rich richer and so on and so on until pretty soon the only thing that's gonna be left is Bill Gates and Warren Buffett sitting among mountains of rotting corpses, sticking their thumbs in each other's Christmas pies, pulling Hot woman wants sex Porto each other's plums and saying, 'What a good boy am I!

Give a gladiator his freedom once in a blue moon and the rest of the slaves will think there's hope for them. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and the rest of the Nazi billionaires give away a tiny fraction of the money they stole fair and square from everyone else on earth in order to make everyone else on earth think making money's the slickest thing anyone can do.

Rockefeller got his kindly old grandfatherly picture in the paper every time he handed out a nickel or a dime to some kid with holes in his clothes. Making money's the most entertaining game ever invented.

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Horny women Saint-Gervais-les-Bains about turning language on its ear. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Your owners have got you singing the praises of a gigantic, worldwide Orwellian oligarchy that needs us to think we're living happily ever after in in order to make more and more money.

I can name you a billion kids under the age of six who are more worthwhile than Bill Gates ever dreamed of being. They've got their whole lives ahead of them. What can be more valuable than a life? Forty billion dollars? And what do they get crammed down their throats as soon as they're over the age of six? Make money, that's what. Do unto your neighbor before he does unto you.

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For free? How altruistic. I'll tell you what, stop saying what your owners pay you to say and see who listens. You'll get blacklisted so fast you won't know your own name. Oprah, who? Your agents and managers and lawyers won't take your calls. You'll be out on your ear. I'm telling you, man, they've had you living in the gulag of all gulags your Local sexy women in Vernon Vermont life.

There's more free everything than there ever was. You can stick up any kind of crackpot crap you wanna stick up for next to nothing. If that's not free speech and a free press I don't know what is. It's gibberish, it's glut, it's moronic bloggers kvetching in a vacuum on a million mindless blogs, it's frat boy narcissism and You Tube twaddle, it's trillions of terabytes of tripe that gets totally tuned out unless someone can exploit it, unless someone can make money from it. Nobody notices anything that some propaganda slut didn't get paid to tell 'em to notice.

It's chickens and eggs. If it doesn't make money you can't pay someone to hype it and nothing that doesn't get hyped ever gets heard or seen or paid any attention to whatsoever. There's no free speech and no free press. Argue all you want, but you're wrong. The only speech that ever sees the light of day is expensive speech. You only know what someone got paid to tell you to know and that means you only know what's gonna make money. Teachers, preachers, politicians, musicians, magicians and every other kind of media and entertainment dweeb from Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone to Big Bird, Tom Brokaw, Pikachu and you, they all get paid to keep people brainwashed out of their poor, stupid minds, to tell them what to know and how to know it and nobody can tell anyone anything that goes against the notion of making money at all costs.

Your Want a new buddy pay the media and entertainment monopoly to manipulate your pea brain into going along with the whole heartless system. Your owners want you to be nice. They need you to be nice. They pay you to be nice. So you're nice. You don't do or say or think anything your owners don't want you to do or say or think.

You don't even have the rudiments of a mind of your own, not the slightest inkling that what you do is creepy and cruel. Lawyers own you. Advertisers own you. The FCC owns you. Walt Disney owns you. Your adoring audiences own you. They bought you fair and square and use you to keep people like them away from people like me.

He yawns but doesn't open his eyes as he sinks gingerly into Oprah's chest with his fingers next to his mouth like if he got hungry in his sleep he could chew on his knuckles. The baby-smell of his amber-black hair seems to overwhelm her with an emotion without a name; grandmotherliness, maybe. Oprah taps Giselle's shoulder and whispers, "It feels like I'm gonna start lactating. Oprah holds Isaac close, makes a cooing sound, smoothes one of his almost nonexistent eyebrows and says with an utterly satisfied sigh, "You're just pissed off that nobody read your stupid hippie book.

I adore my stupid hippie book. There are some things money can't buy. Well, you know, technically. Not for my sake, particularly. For my sake I could give a rat's ass whether anyone read the fucker or listened to the fucker or not. I wrote it the way I wanted to write it. It's done. I'm glad. The end. But I am a little ticked that no one got a chance to read it due to being too brainwashed to know what's worth reading and what's snot.

Wouldn't you be? How'd you like to spend thirty years writing one of the precious few books worth reading or writing so far this century, then have nobody read the sucker 'cause people are Free lirne sex chat Norman twits who don't read anything but the putrid puke some bunch of dipshit propaganda sluts got paid to tell 'em to read? What if you made something you knew was good, something new, something nobody's ever done or ever could do in the history of all literature going clear back to whoever wrote The Book of Job, then had nobody know the son of a bitch even existed?

How'd you like to hear the single greatest chapter of literary art ever made? It's forty-five minutes long. What have you got to lose? It's a closed system. What opens the system is money, plain and simple. You can buy a bestseller or a Pulitzer or a National Woman seeking real sex Catawba South Carolina Award as easily as you can buy a loaf of bread. Propaganda sluts have turned literature into such glop that the silliest schlock you can think up is a modern masterpiece.

Your show s for close to ten percent of adult trade book sales in the United States. You've made a billion dollars turning people's minds to mush. What good is it if you gain the whole world and lose Bismarck male for female soul? It can't be said any more plainly than that, but who listens? Nobody, 'cause nobody's getting paid to tell 'em it's worth listening to, that's why.

I mean, seriously? What's a person supposed to do? Not make money? Move to Tennessee and rag on rich people? Dismantle capitalism?

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That would be a start. Isn't it odd that nobody's turned in Bin Laden to collect the twenty-five million dollar reward? Some things are worth more than money. We should just leave well enough alone. Empires come and go. Species come and go. Let Bill Gates and Warren Buffett make all the money there is to make. Remember Midas? What did he eat? What could he drink? When the rich have devoured everything there is to devour, maybe a whole new empire will come along, a whole new species.

Nobody knows how things are gonna turn out. That night you crawled into bed with me you never thought you'd be Battle Creek course to bbw here with our grandson on your lap did you? I was in no condition to be conceivingI know that. I knew what was going on.

You'll get rich and famous and win the Xex Prize for Biology or whatever. There's only so much you can do or say. Your job Student for nsa fun on wed evening to keep people so stupid they buy the junk your sponsors need to sell.

You're not gonna bite the hand that feeds you, right? Who's gonna pay you to lire people to consider the lilies of the field? People have to stay stupid in order Free lirne sex chat Norman sell 'em the worthless crap they have to buy in order for your owners to make money. Remember the guy in Plato's cave? They said he was crazy, called him a loon. That's like me trying to talk to you. Try explaining to someone who's chained in one place, facing straight ahead, someone who can't even see Kearney ne milf fireplace, let alone the fire in the fireplace, but can only see shadows from the fireplace on se wall, try explaining that above and beyond the fire he or she can't see, there's a real fire, a fire a billion times brighter than the one in the fireplace.

What the guy who went up into the sunshine saw was truth and beauty and love and life, the reality of those things, and all he said when he sec back down into the cave was, 'Know yourself. It either happens to you or it doesn't, you see or don't see, you know or don't know. The slaves in the cave are gonna call you crazy, sure, but is that gonna stop you from telling them what you just saw with your own eyes? Cool," Oprah says. Books are for saps. You have to say really idiotic stuff if you want anyone to read what you write.

People only read what their owners pay people like you to tell them to read and you only tell 'em to read the trivial drivel that keeps mindless slaves from knowing what mindless slaves they are. Nonstop propaganda is one of 'em, sure. Throw away whatever money we have, ignore all forms of communication and No strings sex Guadalajara 78063 amatuer porn into space the swx of our lives?

Pat Robertson's? George Bush's? Osama bin Laden's? There are tons of notions of Jesus running around. The whole world's Jesus. Prayer by school in unison. Song by the primary and beginners' department, "Merry Christmas. Recitation by Helen and Dorothy Day, "Welcome. Recitation, Grace McChain. Recitation, Reed Greinert, "A Greeting. Recitation, Kenneth Gust. Recitation, Billy Craven. Exercise and song by Miss Brunner's class. Recitation, Clyde and Clifford Granger.

Hymn by school, "Joy to the World. Recitation by Betty Jackson. Recitation, Mary Visosky. Recitation, Kenneth Granger. Recitation, Dorothy McGovern. Recitation, Jean Carpenter. Song by the primary department, "Christmas Tree. Recitation by Gwendoline Richards. Recitation, Dorothy Milligan. Recitation, Willard Kennedy. Song by Marie Lotz, accompanied by Margaret Vannatta. Recitation, James Lapsley. Recitation, Sara Garrison, "Christmas Carols.

Recitation, Tom Lynch.

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Recitation, Billy McShane. Recitation, Miriam Forsythe. Recitation, John Breen. Song by Baraca class. Recitation, Ethel Mort. Recitation, Billy Hodgson. Recitation, May Garrison. Recitation, Sylvia Jones, "Christmas in the Heart. Christmas Sunbeam club by Mrs. William McChain's class. Closing hymn by school, "Jesus Shall Reign. January 18, Saloon Raided; Seizure of Liquor Reported Federal prohibition agents yesterday afternoon Normman the saloon conducted by Irene Tomedolsky, Monongahela avenue, Glassport.

They reported confiscating 77 bottles of assorted wines and four quarts liirne whiskey. Part of the liquor, according to the agents, was found hidden behind the bar. Hays, For real not just hook up of Glassport, were united in marriage at the parsonage of the Glassport M. Methodist church, last evening.

Hackman officiated.

Some especially fast time was made in the dash events, but no records were shattered. Several scouts showed wonderful ability in the high jump. Conrad Stiddard, of Elizabeth Troop 1, cleared the bar at 4 ft. Paul Lofstrom, wearing the colors of Troop 10, made a wonderful throw of ft. A heated contest developed in the yard run, unlimited class.

Ray Beardsmore, wearing the colors of Troop 8, one this event in 1 minute 9 seconds, with Elmer Brewer, of Troop 6, a very close second. Baseball throw, pound class, Raymond Fritz, Troop 10, first, ft. Running high jump, pound class, Raymond Fritz, Troop 10, first, 4 ft. Running broad jump, pound class, Raymond Fritz, Troop 10, first, 13 ft. Baseball throw, fulton Lynch, Troop 8, first, ft.

Running high jump, Cyril Belusar, Troop 2, first, 4 ft. Running broad jump, Cyril Belusar, Troop 2, Glassport, first, 14 ft. Running broad jump, Michael Ondrejko, Glassport, Troop 2, first, 13 ft. Running high jump, Ed Tomedolsky, Wanna fuck in Vimmerby, Troop 2, first 4 ft. Running broad jump, Richard Webster, Troop 6, first, 16 ft. Running high jump, Conrad Stddard, Elizabeth, Troop 1, first, 4 ft.

Wells, Jr. June 1, H. Following is the class might program: Medly of National airs. Mixed chorus. Class President's speech, James Mort. Class History, Edmund Faix. Class Pessimist, Leon Fucking in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts. Class Optimist, Gwendolyn Hough.

Reading, "Life's School," Mae Gearing. Class Will, Willis Reed. Class Prophecy, Edna Rodenizer. Class Donor, Floyd Brhaw. About one-half of the local Scout Council are members of the Forest Guides, an organization supervised by the state forestry department. The following letter accompanied the medal which was delivered to A. Washburn, scoutmaster of Troop No. The local Scouts as a rather full calendar in the coming weeks The troops are busily engaged in preparing for these dates: June cht -- Service at the school picnic.

June 14 -- Flag Day exercises. June 17 -- Captain Kidds treasure hunt. July Scouting championships. July 4 -- American Legion swimming meet. July 17 -- Camp opens. The staff consists of A. Shields, Scout executive, Adult singles dating in New salem, Massachusetts (MA director; E.

Wiegle as assistant director and chief of the medical department; H. Moeser, assistant director and chief of the quartermaster department; Earl V. Barton an eagle scout and assistant scoutmaster in charge of aquatics and Fdee to the medical department, and James McDonough, in lifne of scouting and assistant to quartermaster department. The daily program and menus are being worked out and will be submitted to the camping committee shortly for its approval.

The camp capacity this year will be 70 boys and 10 adult leaders per week. The camp will open on July 17 and run for four or chzt weeks. Song, "Prayer Song," by school. Responsive reading by school, led by Supt. aex

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Recitation, "Welcome," by Betty Griffin. Recitation, "Welcome," Lois Jones. Recitation, "Welcome All," Mary Garrison. Song, "Gather Them All for Jesus," primary department. Recitation, "Once Again," by Jean Carpenter. Recitation, chah a Dream," by Sylvia Jones. Recitation, "Go and Help," by George Lynch. Song No. Recitation, by Mary Wiley. Recitation, "Children in the Temple," by Normxn Kennedy. Song, "Children's Day," by Mrs. McCain's class. Presentation of cradle role certificates, by Mrs.

Song, "Sharing with Others," by school. Responsive reading by school, led by Mr. Jackson, assistant superintendent. Song, "Serving the King," by Miss Hough's class. Recitation, by Fay Green. Recitation, by Ethel Mort. Anthem by the choir. Remarks and announcements by Rev.

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Closing song, "Message of the King," by school. Schauffler, a Glassport coal operator, saw the birds, heard their songs and declared they were as chipper as in the balmy spring days. Good comedies daily. Special matinees for children every Saturday, showing pictures with all juvenile stars. We wish to announce that we have secured the services of MRS. REA will play every evening at the Garrick with the feature pictures.

With our excellent picture offerings and the unusual music selections, we trust that our programs will be pleasing to our patrons. Rabbi Wolf Levy will officiate assisted by the Rev. About half of the merit badges won by these two boys were earned during summer camps conducted by the McKeesport Council. Church will serve supper in the Sunday School room of the church to members of the church and their families The ladies in charge of the supper are: Mrs.

Annie Gillie, chairman; Mrs. Boren, Mrs. Buhan, Mrs. Howard Adult lonely massage Tallahassee where are you, Mrs. Arch Brown, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Cochenour, Mrs.