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Change room sex stories

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We went and sat on the pavilion next to our friends and I went to the bar to get us something to drink. I saw my wife walked to the field to talk to her collogue who was taking a 5min break.

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Changs went and sat on the pavilion next to our friends and I went to the bar to get us something to drink. I saw my wife walked to the field to talk to her collogue who was taking a 5min break.

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As she was walking there, the guys from the dressing room were making comments to her and whistled at her and telling her how sexy she looked. I returned with the drinks and she stood there next to the field for a while longer. Lots of sfories walked passed her and compliment her for how good she looked.

They told her that she has a beautiful ass etc etc.

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She returned from the field and again they whistled and applaud at her. She sat down and I gave her a bear.

She downed it and told me she was going to get another one herself, because mine is still half and she is very cold and were going to drink her warm. As she walked to the bar, she stopped to talk to lots of rugby players along storids way, flirting with them and touching them. Some of them took hold of her arm and Changf in her ear on which she Gentleman seeking mature woman and walked on.

On which she replied that she was married and perhaps in another lifetime it would have been nice.

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I told her that I would like it very much to watch all these rugby players fuck her in the steamy dressing room, on which she just laughed. We drank a few more bears and she flirted more openly with many guys throughout the night as she became drunk. I again later told her that I can see she enjoys the Ladies seeking real sex Kulpmont and if she would like all these guys to fuck her.

She said that it would be very nice to be fucked by these dirty sweaty rugby storiws. It was about 10pm when she told me we must go home now and have sex, because she was very horny.

We walked past the field and past the open door of the dressing room. The steam was coming from the door as the guys were showering.

She walked purposefully slower past the open door storirs looked at the naked muscled bodies in the showers, biting her upper lip. When she reached the door, she made a joke and made as if she was going to enter the dressing rooms. A big guy was just on his way out of the dressing room and saw what she was doing and upon that he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the dressing rooms. She laughed and looked at me as the guy drew her deeper inside. Some of the guys covered them with their towels and some closed the shower curtains, but most of them was not shy of their manhood and just stood there and laughed at her.

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The big guy picked her up from behind and put her on the bank in the middle of the dressing room. They laughed and most of them came from the showers and walked towards her, some naked and some with towels around the waste. She looked at me with nervous eyes and I nodded to her indicating that it was fine with me for her to have a little fun. I think she was more nervous of the big dicks starting to grow now around her.

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They were not talking any notice of me in the doorway. Another guy came in from behind me and closed the door and locked it. The guy who unbuttoned her jeans pulled them down to her ankles and the big guy picked her up out of the jeans. He then took her shirt off and she was standing there in her underwear. They now touched her body and her legs and thighs.

The big guy touched her ass from behind and moved his right hand around her waist and into her panties. She gave a slight moan as I could see his hand moving down in her panties and touching her wet pussy. His fingers were almost as big as my dick and I could only imagine that his dick must be enormous.

One smaller guy climbed up on the bank beside her and removed her bra. He started kissing her in the neck and sucking on her nipple as he messaged her other tit. She enjoyed it very much as the guys were touching her legs and tits and ass and the big guy were fingering her with his banana thick fingers as the others were cheering him on. The big guy was now fingering her pussy from behind as the others were touching her body.

They all, or most of them had erections now as they desired to fuck her. The big guy told them not to worry, because everybody was going to get a change to fuck her. I assumed he was the captain of the team. Another guy came in between the two guys and moved his dick into her face.

The big guy collected a bundle of towels and put it behind her on the bank. She climbed back on the bank and went down on her knees on the towels. She was now in a doggy style position as she still sucked the guy in front of her. The other guys were cheering and laughing and touching her. Some were kissing her and some just grabbed her ass and tits or any other place they could.

I just stood there in the background playing with my dick as I watched them fingering and touching her. The big guy then moved in behind her, lifted his dick, which was bigger than I even thought and penetrated her small pussy dtories behind.

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She screamed of pleasure and pain with the dick still in her mouth. They then started rotating so that everybody got a change to be sucked and to fuck her. Her eyes screamed of pleasure as they rammed her pussy over and over again. Some pulled it out and cum all over her ass and back. Some of the cum she swallowed and some she spit out. The cum were dripping from her face and hair and pussy and body. So I did exactly that and after only five sucking actions I unleashed my load into her mouth and all over her face.

I accidentally wandered into the wrong locker room and it was the best mistake of my life | thought catalog

It was about 24 guys Chznge fucked her over and over again. Some of them meanwhile were already recovered and were again in the row for the second round. After about two hours the guys and my wife were exhausted. They all went into the showers and the big guy picked her up and carried her into the shower with him. He turned her around and fucked her again from behind until she reached a climax over and over again.

I dressed and waited for her as he fucked her a few times more until he eventually came into her ztories. She moaned and screamed as he made his final strokes into her and kissed her in her neck. They then came from the shower and he gave her a towel. Some of the guys started leaving already and she dressed and walked towards the door.