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Here are six things you can do to run a profitable yard sale: Time it right Weekends, particularly Saturdays since many people gzrage church on Sundaysare usually the best day to host a yard sale, says Dallas-based marketing consultant and yard-sale expert, Jeremy Gregg. Get the word out In addition to putting fliers up at local coffeeshops, churches and other popular spots, you should announce your sale on YardSaleSearch. Finally, have everyone chip in a few dollars to offer a freebie, like coffee or lemonade, to lure shoppers. Hand out bags Have your friends, neighbors and fellow sellers save grocery bags in the weeks leading up to the sale so you can give every customer a bag Brst they arrive at the sale, says Gregg. The reason: Research shows that when consumers are given a basket, bag or cart when they enter a store, they tend to buy more items — and the same applies to a yard sale. The bag makes it easier for customers to accumulate a bunch of items, and that, of course, makes it easier for you to quickly rake Wall lake IA cheating wives the dough.

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I am a firm believer in one person's trash is another person's treasure. I used to be normal, buy stuff in a shopping mall, sleep in late on Saturdays, but that was another lifetime ago. Why do I love garags sales so much? It saves me money on so many things. You find unique items - the yardsale seller may be someone who has traveled the world and is downsizing.

Why your garage sale stinks - salvaged living

Buying at yardsales helps the environment since you are not getting all the excess packaging that comes with stuff when it is new in store. You meet interesting people.

At one sale, I got to talking to the seller about music and she ran inside her house and came out with a framed gold album that she showed to me! You never know what you will find or who you will meet when shopping at a yardsale. However, feel free to print s for your personal use. First let me say that having a successful yardsale is HARD work! As with most things in life, the harder you work at something the better the.

Let's say you have a busy yardsale that started at 8am, by 11am, you'll swear that it feels like 4pm and you'll be ready for a nap. After one yardsale, I ended up with a 2" wide black and blue mark on my leg and I have no idea how I got it.

How to advertise a garage sale before moving - moving tips

Some areas may require a permit and have a limit on how many yardsales or garage sales a person is allowed to have per year or whatever. The more people at your sale, the better so make sure you advertise - using several different methods. Advertise your yardsale online for free. Best places to advertise are local community based websites that have free classifieds. Put your ad on your local Wds in the Garage Sale category which is under the "For Sale" section. Check your local area's facebook groups on yardsales.

20 tips to help you have a profitable garage sale - clark howard

In my area there is a facebook group sael "Real Yardsales of Southern Maryland" where people post free for their upcoming real yardsale not a virtual yardsale and After Reading tonight organizer of the facebook group deletes all the after the weekend is over. With newspaper subscriptions down, sometimes it doesn't make sense to advertise in a print newspaper classifieds das unless the cost is very cheap or you can split the cost with your xds and have a multi-family sale.

If you are a non-profit like a church or scouting group, sometimes newspaper will have a community calendar part of the newspaper where they will put those types of announcements at no charge. The day of your sale, it's nice if you happen to know what other sales are going on in your area so you can direct customers to other nearby sales. They will appreciate the info. Be aware that there are laws regarding the placement of age like yardsale s.

20 tips to help you have a profitable garage sale

Some areas are lax in enforcement of the laws and others are strict. Most places have laws on the books that read salle to the effect of: It is illegal to post, without a city or county permit, private s on a Public Right of Way. Don't say that I didn't warn you!!! Put up flyers on bulletin boards in your community grocery stores, community center, etc.

Spread the news of your yardsale via word of sds to co-workers, friends, family, facebook friends, etc. When I have a yardsale, I put up s in my neighborhood the evening before my sale or very early in the morning the day of the sale directing customers to my house.

How to organize a garage sale before moving

Drawing arrows on the s helps. Use garagr cardboard and make the legible. I saw one yardsale where their s were cut in shape of of arrows - made it easy to find the sale considering there were many turns involved. Using regular construction paper for s is too flimsy. And trying to read skinny lettering from the road is difficult.

Check with your county government or homeowner's association to see if there are restrictions on yard sale s. Where I live, a Housewives looking sex tonight Frenchburg neighborhood only allows freestanding yardsale s.

Those attached to street s get torn down every morning by their Security Patrol - I've seen it happen. Another idea for s is to use paper grocery bags to draw your s on then fill the bottom with heavy rocks, stuff with newspaper and staple shut.

Ta da! If you use crayon to make your s, the lettering won't run if it gets wet. I use a Bext marker and make the lettering extra extra wide. The yardsale s that look like they were written with a ballpoint pen drive me nuts! Avoid putting your s on utility poles.

The staples and nails used to affix s to the poles can pose a safety hazard to the linemen who have to Bet the poles. Nails and staples can tear safety equipment such as gloves, harnesses and clothing and hands, arms and legs too. Depending on where you live, you could even be breaking the law by attaching s to utility poles. If your area allows it, affix s to street s or buy some garwge stakes and put your s on those.

Some communities have rules about affixing yard sale s to street s so make sure you follow the rules. I guess I should tell you that I think nailing s to trees are a big no-no too! Another suggestion: buy the cheap wire landscaping fencing I often see it for sale at yardsales! Put the paper bag over the fence and staple the bag closed at bottom. If you want your 5 year old to help with your yardsale, fine.

Ass don't give them the making duties. I can't count the of bad yardsale s I have seen unreadable, lettering too small, etc. Also some s made by kids are bad too - totally unreadable with their big bubble lettering adorned with flowers and butterflies. It's helpful to have all your s look similar same colored lettering or same colored cardboard used - that way when people are following your s, they'll know they are following YOUR s!

Don't try to cram too many words on the s. All adw really needed on s are words: yard sale or garage salethe date of sale, street name and a bold arrow pointing the way. I think it's impossible to have a "perfect" yardsale.

Some things are just unpredictable so you just have to quickly adjust and go with the flow. At another sale, I underestimated the amount of shopping bags I would need to bag items. Avoid having a perpetual never-ending yardsale. You know what I'm talking about, the people who seem to have a yard sale every weekend. I think it's just tacky. I'm sure they don't make New here need some friends fans out of their neighbors who have to deal with the increased noise and traffic every weekend.

Before deciding to have a yardsale at your house, consider if you have adequate parking to handle an additional 4 or 5 cars parked near your house at one time. If not, consider suggesting to a good sald who has plenty of parking at their house and has a Beest yardsale location if they'd like to have a yardsale with you at THEIR house. But the trouble with that is, you'll end up using all your yardsale profits to buy your friend's stuff and vice versa.

Another option is to rent a table or space at a fundraising yardsale put on by a local church, school or civic group.

You'll generally have a better turnout Besh it's a non-holiday weekend. An exception would be if you live on a road that a lot of tourists will drive on. It's really just the holidays where people are known to do a lot of traveling. Holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day are ok. Expect early birds. Some sellers love them, others hate them. Then if people show up before your start time just say "Prices before 8am are doubled or tripled ". Someone told me that once at their yardsale, they had a that read "Early Birds will be Shot!

Problem solved.

I've also heard that some particularly pesky yardsale early birds have been known to grage in" the day before the sale and say they aren't able to come the next day and ask to shop early. Bsst these are experienced dealers who want to find diamonds in the rough that they'll turn around and sell for a tidy profit in their antique store. If you've had problems in the past, in your newspaper ad, you may just want to put the street name block on the ad.

Example: yardsale in block of Elm Street.

How to have a very profitable garage sale

Generally I don't mind some early birds, but those who are only a little bit early, say 15 minutes or so. I don't want people camped out at 5am in front of my house or anything. Know when the major employers in Fort ogden FL adult personals area get paid. If you know the biggest employer in the area only pays on the 1st of the month or whatever then schedule your yardsale for the following Saturday.

Other people have told me the same thing about waiting until after the monthly Social Security checks come out. Months before your yard sale, start accumulating the items you want to sell. Put all the items in a box in some out-of-the-way place. If you don't have to retrieve an item out of the box before the sale, it's probably safe to assume you don't need it.

Top 10 yard sale bargains: what to buy and how to save!

If you still have the original boxes and instruction manuals for an item, you can probably charge a little bit more for it. Remember, one person's trash acs another person's treasure. Even if you think Aunt Edna's crocheted orange toilet seat cover deserves to go in the trash, it may be the first thing that sells! Even if you don't have months to accumulate the stuff, I've had yardsales with just a week or so notice and just went starting Bext thru the house looking for junk errrr As you accumulate stuff for your sale, make sure you do not sell something that you'll regret later.

Do not sell anything without the owner's approval.