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We are understandably concerned. So, why should we care?

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Classified- website under fire over sex trafficking

The long answer is because it will result in a "notice-and-takedown" regime where both law enforcement and members of the public will notify platforms that a particular ad looks troubling, and risk-averse advertisers will immediately take it down without any due diligence to make sure it is, in fact, illegal. The most risk-averse will ban certain — and other speech — wholesale, just to be safe.

How did this all come about?

The bill is part of a concerted effort by members of Congress to censor Back. A couple years ago a few federal legislators and state law enforcement officials forced Craigslist to remove its adult services.

Back didn't bow Backpags the pressure. The in question weren't illegal, and Back has its own procedures in place to filter out featuring underage or coerced subjects.

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It also cooperates fully with law enforcement when such are posted. As for the bill, rather than narrowly yrs websites that knowingly advertise these despicable practices, it would allow police to criminally pursue a website that has no idea it is hosting, and has procedures in place to prevent, featuring criminal activity.

It does so because the "intent standard" — what a prosecutor has to prove the defendant knew — Bacckpage vague. This would create two big problems. First, as noted, this would create an effective notice-and-takedown regime, where sites just remove content wholesale when notified of a potential problem. Neville, and mentally on the internet.

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