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Asian girl at costco

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Asian girl at costco

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Do you think this is a good idea? Costco announced limits earlier this week on certain items that have seen a spike in purchases as customers stock up. Regardless, commenters had positive things to say about the new policy, hoping that it will lead rockingham prostitute numbers fewer people panic-buying these itemsas well as risking unnecessary contact by attempting to return them later.

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One truth is, it takes a hell of a lot to get me riled up and fuming. Having said that, this Easter Bunny wanted to do horrible evil giel with her Costco shopping cart today.

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I was at Costcoland after a great workout and there costck two girls walking in front of me at a super slow pace. The girl pushing the cart was swinging her ass in her short shorts and they were both cackling and whispering to each other like demented hyenas in heat.

I was so shocked that I just ccostco there not believing what the hell just happened. All I saw was red and I gripped my big ass Costco cart ready to ram into them. I immediately realized that I was giving these silly girls way too much power with the anger that was consuming me.

I thanked my parents for teaching me the values of what it means to be a good person. I took a deep breath and I patiently walked behind them down isle 20 and did it the whole way with a big ass smile on my face looking directly at them. You know what kicked in and made me calm my ass down? That simple reminder was my saving grace from an Orange jumpsuit.

That simple reminder saved the ladies from being run over by an angry gril girl. That simple reminder saved me from landing on the news.

That simple reminder made me realize that these girls were the ones with some serious issues, not me. Who knows why they did what they did.

Maybe they were jealous cause my ass dostco way perkier than theirs…which it totally is. All I could do as someone who loves the Jesus, loves her life and wants to be a good example to her kids is to just pray for people like those girls and shake it off. All I know is that one of these days, they might mess with the wrong girl and will suffer the consequences of their gross behavior.