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Hopefully, that will be a little midweek pick me up and also one thing we're planning on doing as well is still a question and the answer to like we not really question the discussion time you could ask some questions if you want but usually what we do.

I usually turn up about quarter after seven and then just kinda. That the Internet here and send in your teens or comments Ken will at the very end when we study will open it up to that and Kennel just share whatever those comments are with me and we'll talk about it That's kinda thinking about doing so and there's some others.

We're we're we're thinking about as well. So anyway we are up to Philippians Chapter two versus 90 - 30 The Apostle Paul of He is a letter from Rome Church at Adult want real sex Niskayuna and the Apostle Paul is under House arrest and he is awaiting his elbow for the Emperor and in case you're not here with the book of Philippians Paul was Niskayuuna House arrest for preaching the gospel not because he was a criminal and ultimately what he did as it 76137 women love black cocks to Caesar Temper Niro at that and he was given his day in and so he is unseen chained to a Roman night and day, and it was at this time that he wrote four letters that we forget to prison.

Pistols Ephesians. Coleman are the four and so he he's rewl to them and you see the first chapter. That God had more work to do and that he was going live through this, but still he he didn't know for certain we've been given any revelation and so that's really reflected in the heart and then in Aeult second gets into some of the San Antonio Texas md lonely women that were going on in the church and there's some visions and confront the church at Philippi.

That's why he says the things he's part of Chapter two where he's in humility, usually when there's conflict their pride somewhere nestled in there and so he's encouraging humility in that first sexual using section. Versus through 11 is known as the socks about Christ, ultimate example of humility and how amazing it is what Jesus did.

Message to niskayuna high school families from principal john rickert – monday, nov. 5

He's talking about more of the same don't grumble against one another without grumbling or arguing, and just tell you to one another. So now he's gonna turn his attention in the final part of Chapter two to two individuals in particular, Timothy and a half radius. So he's gonna talk about both of these are who are both with in Rome at the time that he wrote this effect. Timothy was the one who was down so Paul was addicted to Timothy and he was you know Nisjayuna was the the pen man and he would actually write feal the.

Wall Seeking niteclub dance partner was speaking to him. Don't look in Chapter two.

Let's look at verses 19 through four deals with a to Timothy team. I hope in the Lord and Timothy to you soon that I also maybe hear when I received news about you. I have no one else like him who will show genuine concern for your welfare from looks out for their own is now those of Jesus Timothy has proved him because as a son. His father, he has served iNskayuna me in the work of the gospel. I hope it is sensitive soon as I see how things go Adulg me and I am in the Lord that I self will tune Timothy is there with him and his dog to send Timothy who fill up high at some not to dispel that he may encourage them and strength the Lord and that also he find out how Sex dating in Lake view doing and bring word back to Paul.

Vent fitness - niskayuna

Kissing their well and so all selflessness to me is praising here he is under House arrest here in and and he's not focused on self focused on the church at Phillip Hot and they're one of the pitfalls that I'm what we're going through now with with this Corona virus that there is such a tendency to look inward and be all focus on yourself and your own well to the detriment of everybody else and we find that and avoid giveaway to fear to by fear that's motivated Adult want real sex Niskayuna but we're in the mid.

Of this, God still wants us and wants us to shine our light and wants us straight selflessness like hustle Paul. Value others above yourselves not looking own interests each of you to the interest of others. It takes for people to get then by all means that God sent it to eternity is a long time pair Woman looking sex Morning View Kentucky a few years on this Earth. Right, I Tilton reunions hookup what he's doing and so the thing to I think I was talking about before when Jonah went to Nineveh and preached a very simple message right pretty days, Repent or God's gonna destroy the city.

How did that happen? And if you look bad the history of what pre stretching there did you know there were two plagues that took place in the city of Nineveh before out there then was about search before I killed a bunch of people. I have no one else like who will show genuine burn for your wealth, which 20 - one forever out for their interests but was of Christ, but you Timothy proved himself because as a with his father, he has served in the work of the gospel.

Timothy not Paul's actual son. That's right there in Philippians and true. This is the scenario journey that That's lax. I'm sorry milf massage kwinana book wany Acts and too much coffee before so the Paul he is traveling around with silence at this point, a preaching the gospel this before they go to act 60 - one the pump to derby and this straw cycle named Timothy Lit, whose mother was and a believer, but whose father Greek that.

Interesting right, Timothy came from a slim mixed background Well, he came from a of ways. First of all he he was half Jewish.

NNiskayuna How because his father was a Gentile. His mother was a Jew and his mother was a Jewish believer, so she you know what we referred beautiful older woman seeking sex personals charleston south carolina a messianic Jew, His father, Greek or agent, did not know the Lord and so mom, and we found that his mother's name was Unice and his grandmother's name was.

And I think they used for grandmothers ever since that time right, that name is like you have to go straight to be grandma if you're lowest and so those two women they they raised him up in the lord and tremendous job. It wasn't involved in that I wasn't involved in encourage a single and that you can do it even if not engage in that or maybe you don't have one but they did a tremendous job, those swim meets and truck, and it says in verse two the believer.

An iconic spoke so everybody knew him said he's the young man he would make a to Niskqyuna missionary team. Paul You know Paul's kinda asking around and finding out about him.

Message to niskayuna high school families from principal john rickert - monday, nov. 5 - niskayuna central school district

It sounds like versus very Paul won take him along on the circumstances him a little side. Well, there is one little thing. I gotta mention don't worry it wasn't that long he circumstance because of the Jews who lived in that area. I don't know Afult a checking. I'm not sure how they would have known that.

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But for they all knew that his father was so that's where Paul. Timothy and they developed such a close relationship that love him zip his own son. He was not obviously his his actual son, wanf you know what he says there as a son with his father, Rel has served with me of the gospel He he, You know Paul. I love him like he's my own son.

We have traveled together.

We have together Bibury amateur collection have ministered together and you know, shows me like Christians in the faith in you mentor, you know who who can you belong side of you to really hurry? Lord some of them walking with the Lord from don't don't lose sight of it there. There may be it may put in your that at the very least you can really come out of.

I don't know for certain but I do have a confidence that God is more work for me me to do trusting in the Lord and another thing I like up so Paul here is that not wasting anytime God is giving you a tire that that the more time that maybe you have Wasted binge watching Netflix I mean little binge watching, but but but but take the time that God is giving you here and use it to do what Paul did write Seeking chill girl for nsa letter to someone go out of use.

Fall/interim continuing education courses

There's nothing like seeing a letter. Which I don't even had any idea how much that would at that time, but he's writer in that time, he's in the believers that are coming him cuz he did have freedom that he was allowed to have people come and so he's using them even though he can't go anywhere seventeenth so to speak, he can't leave he still God for Nisskayuna. Maybe you need to man call to someone you haven't talked to for a long time, maybe an older adult to change them.

Maybe you haven't spoken.

Maybe it's a good season to men's with someone you know, maybe someone you been out of step one time. Reach out but using that God's give, however, long, that is Adult seeking casual sex Leicester NorthCarolina 28748 don't know, but the Lord does so Paul was very useful.

He didn't just Swan just waiting. He used the Lord so his first Timothy at some point when he finds out what goes on a little more information on his own situation Adult want real sex Niskayuna Timothy Meantime he is going to muddy back and this means a path. And traditions that a path for diagnosis was the one that brought the Philippians to the church at Philippi. How cool would that be bold That letter that Paul look at that time?

It was the only one in the world and you Women wanting sex in Chicago hearing it better The church at Philip High as many five, but I think it is necessary to do a path for diagnosis, my brother, coworker and both soldier who was all year manager whom you sent to take care of needs for Longs for all of you and is distressed because you heard he's ill indeed.

But God had mercy on him not on him only but all me to sorrow. Therefore, I am all the more him so that when you see him and be glad and I less anxiety so then welcome him with great joy and honor pick him because died. Work of Christ risked his life to make up for the health. Do yourselves could not mean what a waffle individual. An effective Ministry give the Lord lord If you look over in for a verse 18, you will see that a path for diagnosis came to Paul and he was in Rome that the Philippians found out their House arrest offering they afford it.

It's by the way watching early what is up and offering I mean, and then to bring to Paul to Rome right, there's no no way to achieve with Paul.

There's you have to trust this person completely. He high tailed it out of town. I mean way of knowing you're just bring to this this money and saying, bring it to Paul See. Trusted him completely to do that verse 18, I have received full payment and have more than Niskayuan applied pulses that I have Acult from a paradise that you sent they are figuring offering acceptable. That's that's not a little part of the deer under House arrest have no idea when your day in court.

It's gonna be your day before the birth and you're doing expensive things a little deck, then it wasn't at anyone.

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Out of their own, they did that for ball and then up his goal was to stay the ball and men whatever way he needed help how put first to my actual brother, brother in the and we're all brothers in the Lord Sisters in the Lord Family of God, They'll show that wanf remain as what we act Adult want real sex Niskayuna the family of God, leather and acted as much as we get this time, it's gonna bring you to be humble right and not just hide.

It's eternal it is so he says my brother my coworker and I like the next fellow soldier were in a spiritual warfare and the devil pandemic can be destroyed and they get everybody their own thing and disconnected. We're not gonna let them do that. You know whether that what we battled is not flesh and principalities and powers with demons so my fellow soldier is Good for tennis massage and Cowra Messenger whom you send a care of my needs always needs first for all of you is distressed because you he was ill.

Indeed, he was LS died on him personally, but also despair me sorry so he got there. He sant something as he gets Deathly ill. He is at death's doorstep in Paul's, praying anxious and pulls through. He he, he survived and God's Spirit Paul upon sorry and this would have been sorrow sorrow but him and he he's on the mend and he gets better and and he survives this.

Stressed cuz he knew that they were concerned about him and so Paul says I am eager to sell so that way and Minneapolis swing clubs. may be glad and I've less anxiety and Paul had some anxiety that this man is definitely ill and we if there's one thing we have going on in our world to the anxiety. I mean through roof people are angry or Nisakyuna and there's a remedy for that.

Hey, it's NNiskayuna right here looking chef with my anxiety. There's think God has perceived. I do not just about any doesn't want you to overcome with anxiety doesn't want you to be overcome with. That's not God's his plan for life, He obviously something we all deal.

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God has a do not be but in every situation whether you're under House arrest in Rome or whether you're dealing with the fall out of a global pandemic in every situation by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving and you don't. That right being thankful even at this time being thankful God blessings at every time with your requests to him, the anxiety you you cast your cares before you bring it to the Lord is bearing that way in your own in time prayer, they do your work day.

You gotta five minutes and just or during your life. Of God, which transcends all will guard your hearts and minds in Christ, Jesus thing you give me your anxiety of you as a piece that patterning it'll guards. It will guard your fear creeps in your anxiety face Sexy Kapolei Hawaii looking for military man with the fear a fearlessness that that so it's the kind of piece where exactly they should slipping out and I'm not because piece of God in my heart.

There is the answer and and spending them in God's word, letting God in well and so Paul Paul dealt with anxiety. There's a reason he wrote right he don't want 80 - two.